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Harrison Joyce, 3, dies after getting tangled in blind cord
Thursday, 18 February 2010 06:59

Harrison Joyce, 3, strangles after getting tangled in blind cord in his home February 4, 2010

Three-year old Harrison Joyce became tangled in a blind cord and was strangled.  A few days later 16-month old Lillian Bagnall-Lambe was killed also from a blind cord. February 18, 2010

Blakely, Georgia todder, 2, find gun and fatally shoot self in head
Thursday, 18 February 2010 06:48

Blakely, Georgia todder, 2, find gun and fatally shoot self in head at store where parents worked

Blakely, Georgia - A two-year old todder, Rocky Stroud III went to work with his parents at Tim's Package store on North Main Street in Blakely where he found a loaded gun and shot himself. He was dead at the scene. February 18, 2010

Brooklyn, New York, boy, Amron Altman, 4, killed by School Bus
Thursday, 18 February 2010 06:35

Brooklyn boy, Amron Altman, 4, killed by School Bus while walking to bus stop for preschool

Brooklyn, New York, A four year old boy, Amron Altman, was killed Wednesday as he walked to catch a school bus with his 13-year old brother, Israel. Amron attended Darchel Chaim preschool which is a mile from his home. Usually the boy is accompanied by his mother but on Wednesday she sent his brother with him. The bus driver never saw the boy and didn't realize he had hit him. Apparently the boy had slipped on some ice and fell under the school bus as his brother looked on in horror. Amron was dead before the ambulance arrived. The accident happened in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. February 17, 2010

Terry, Mississippi girl, Anastasia Bingham, killed by Pitt Bull outside her home
Sunday, 14 February 2010 12:07

Terry, Mississippi girl killed by Pitt Bull outside her home

Terry, Mississippi - A five year old girl was killed by Pitt Bull Friday morning outside her home. Anastasia Bingham was walking to a friends house from her home on Green Drive 

pitt bull attack

when the dog attacked. The dog is being held at the Mississippi Animal Rescue League while authorities look for it's owner. 

Milwaukee infant girl dies co-sleeping with mom and brother
Thursday, 11 February 2010 21:36

Milwaukee baby girl dies co-sleeping with mom and 2-year old brother

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - A three month old baby girl, Keilysha Ruiz died while co-sleeping with her mother and brother in their home on Rogers Street. The girl's mother Keila Torres told police she seemed healthy before going to bed and was unresponsive Sunday morning. February 10, 2010

Sisters die from possible pesticide poisoning
Thursday, 11 February 2010 21:23

Two sisters, 4 and 2-years old died from possible pesticide poisoning

Layton, Utah - Rachel and Rebecca Toone died this week from possible pesticide poisoning. Initially carbon monoxide was suspected when the family's carbon monoxide detector went off and the children's mother Brenda Toon called the fire department. Investigators believe they were exposed to fumitoxin, a substance that was used to treat a vole problem at the Toone house on Friday. Hazmat crews tested the air inside the home and found high levels of phosphine; that's a gas that's released from aluminum phosphide pesticide pellets when they get wet. According to the CDC, children tend to be more at risk than adults for pesticide poisoning because they breathe more frequently and they are closer to the ground where the vapors settle. February 9, 2010

Queen Creek, Arizona boy, 3, finds gun and shoots himself in the head
Saturday, 06 February 2010 20:02

Queen Creek, toddler, 3, finds loaded gun and pulls trigger, shooting himself in the head

Queen Creek, Arizona - A todder, 3, found a loaded gun under a couch or bed and shot himself in the head creating a massive wound. The boy was taken to Maricopa Medical Center by Rural Metro. February 6, 2010 

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Long Hill, New Jersey Grandmother runs over and kills grandson, 2
Thursday, 28 January 2010 08:59

Long Hill Grandmother kills grandson, 2 as she attempts to park her SUV

Long Hill, New Jersey - A grandmother runs over and kills grandson, 2 accidently in the driveway. The 62-year old grandmother was attempting to park her sports utility vehicle when she hit the Stirling boy. He was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead. January 26, 2010. Auto accidents are the number one killer of children, and back-over tragedies are not uncommon. 


Firestone boy, 3, strangles on window blind cord
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 20:47

Firestone, Colorado, boy, Daniel Sutton,  3, strangles on window blind cord while trying to look out the window

Firestone, Colorado - A boy, 3, strangled on a window blind cord Thursday. The Consume Product Safety Commission has ordered the blinds recalled but they are still in use in many homes causing a serious baby safety hazard.  Daniel Sutton brings the total number of children that have died after getting hung on the cords to 121. 

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