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Kingsville, Texas toddler, left in car dies
Saturday, 19 June 2010 07:30

Kingsville, Texas, one-year old left in car dies in auto safety incident

Kingsville, Texas - A mother forgot her toddler for fourty-five minutes and the one-year old dies. She is the forth Texan child to die this year and 62 children have died in hot cars in Texas since 1998 according to authorities. January 17, 2010

Child Safety

Battle Creek Michigan toddler hit and killed by father backing out of driveway
Saturday, 19 June 2010 07:19

Battle Creek, Michigan,  toddler, one, hit and killed by father backing out of driveway 

Battle Creek, Michigan - A one-year old boy was run over by his dad who was backing out of driveway and accidently hit him in auto safety incident. The toddler was rushed to Battle Creek Health System and pronounced dead. The father was not being charged. June 18, 2010 

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Enid, Ok toddler, Carlianna Nathan killed in hit and run
Saturday, 19 June 2010 07:10

Eighteen-month old Carlianna Nathan, walked into street and was killed in hit and run 

baby safety

Enid, Ok - An aunt that was babysitting young, Carlianna Nathan stepped inside briefly to get a glass of water when the toddler walked into the street and was killed. The girl was outside with a four-year old and seven-year old. The driver never stopped and the aunt saw a white SUV leaving the scene. June 17, 2010 

San Diego toddler darts into street to father and is killed by garbage truck
Saturday, 19 June 2010 07:01

San Diego toddler darts into street to father and is killed by garbage truck

San Diego, California - Two-year old Jovani Louangxaysongxham ran out into the road in front of an Allied Waste Services truck trying to get to his father who was crossing the street and was killed. The driver was unable to stop in time and the enraged father tried to attack him when police interveened. Witnesses reported to police the trash truck was traveling at a low rate of speed when Jovani stepped directly in front of it. June 17, 2010 

baby safety

Toddler Follows Mom outside and is Run Over by SUV
Friday, 11 June 2010 16:02

Toddler, 3, Follows Mom outside and is Run Over by SUV in Auto Safety Incident 

West Palm Beach, Florida - A three-year old girl was accidently run over by her mother backing out an SUV when she followed her mom outside and got behind the vehicle. The incident occurred on Dogwood Road June 7, 2010

TV Falls on Toddler Striking a Fatal Blow in Palm Bay, Florida
Friday, 11 June 2010 15:52

TV Falls on Toddler, Blake Garriss, Striking a Fatal Blow in Palm Bay, Florida 

Palm Bay, Florida - A two-year old toddler was killed late Wednesday when a television fell on him at a residence on Pace Drive. The boy was not breathing when paramedics arrived and he was airlifted to the hospital but died. Police reported that the 40 inch television was on a stand that was not sturdy enough to support the weight of the TV, a childproofing miss. The child leaned against the TV causing it to topple over.  June 11, 2010 

Fort Myers boy, two dies choking on a piece of candy
Thursday, 03 June 2010 21:21

Fort Myers boy, Pedro Diego, two, dies choking on a piece of candy 

Fort Myers, Texas - Two-year old Pedro Diego choked to death on a piece of candy in front of his horrified mother. According to his mother, on Tuesday she watched Pedro put a piece of hard candy in his mouth and ran into another room. He ran back wheezing and his mother called 911 while his father hit him on his back trying to dislodge the candy. He died at the hospital.   


• If your child is having breathing difficulty but is able to speak or has a strong cough, call 911 but do nothing yourself. The cough is better than any back blows or abdominal thrusts.

• If your child can’t breathe at all, appears pale or his cough is weak, perform the Heimlich maneuver. Position yourself behind him and wrap your arms around his waist. Place the thumb side of your fist on the middle of the abdomen, below the tip of the breastbone. Grab that fist with your free hand, press inward with rapid, upward thrusts.

• If your child is unconscious, lower him to the floor on his back. Open his mouth with your thumb held over his tongue and your fingers wrapped around the lower jaw. As this draws the tongue away from the back of the throat, you may be able to clear the airway with your finger.

— Source: American Academy of Pediatrics 
Two more co-sleeping baby deaths in Milwaukee
Thursday, 03 June 2010 21:05

Two more co-sleeping baby deaths in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Two infants died this past week while co-sleeping with their parents, in spite of a city-wide campaign to educate parents on teh danger of co-sleeping.  On Memorial Day a one-month old girl died co-sleeping with ther siblings and mother. Today 5-month old Kay'vion Russell died while sleeping with his parents. This is the 10th co-sleeping death in Milwaukee this year. June 3, 2010 

Danville, Illinois boy 4, strangles after becoming entangled
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 20:07

Danville, Illinois boy 4, strangles after becoming accidentally entangled

Danville, Illinois - A boy 4, strangles after becoming entangled in a cord or rope of some kind in child safety incident. Authorities called the death an accident. The boy, who was at his home on Tenessee Avenue was unresponsive when emergency personnel arrived. He was taken to Provena United Samaritans Medical Center and pronounced dead. May 11, 2010. 

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