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Dog bites can happen when kids and dogs mix and are a serious child safety concern and cause injury,  disfigurement and even death to many children. Children are especially vulnerable to a dog bite or dog attack due to their size and typically the proximity of their face to the dog. Whether you are bringing an infant new baby home and you have a dog, or you're visiting someone that has a dog and bringing your baby or small child, it is important to recognize that in a moment your child could be seriously hurt or killed by a dog. 

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October 26, 2010  Arllington, Florida - Three-day-old Justin Valentin, was killed by the family's pitt bull terrier after being left unattended on a bed while the mother showered. The dog had been raised by the family and had never shown signs of agression toward their four-year old child.

August 25, 2010 Varna, Illinois - A seven-year old boy was attacked by dogs while visiting the Eric Shanklin Farm with his mother. He was alone, outside when several dogs on the property attacked and killed him. Three of the four dogs were pitt bulls.   

August 24, 2010 Hutisford, Wisconsin - Four-year old Taylor Becker was visiting friends of the family with her parents when she was attacked and killed by their five-year old Boxer, Rocky. He had no prior history of violence.  



August 2, 2010 Two-year old Aaron Carlson, by a german shepherd mix the family had for about six months. The boy was alone with the dog with his three siblings while his mother was sleeping when attacked. 

July 22, 2010 Concord, California Two year old Jacob Brisbee was attacked and killed by three pitt bulls.

July 18, 2010 Lincoln Park, Michigan - Five year old Kyle Holland was killed by a shepherd/wolf hybrid mix.

June 3, 2010 Kokomo, Indiana - Nine-year old Savannah Gragg was killed by a  pitt bull terrier. 

May 28, 2010 San Bernardino, California - Two-year old Nathan Aguirre was killed by a pitt bull.  

May 20, 2010 Napaskiak, Alaska - Three-year-old Krystal Brink was killed by a sled dog.  

 April 15, 2010 New Port Richy, Florida - Thomas Carter, Jr., just seven days old, was killed by the family pitt bull. According to authorities there were over 50 bite marks on the baby. The mother was home, but slept through the attack.  





March 1, 2010 Astoria, Oregon - Ashlynn Anderson, 4 was killed in the yard by her family's Rottweiler. She was the step-daughter of "Ax Man" star Jesse Johnson. Ashlynn's mom, D' Ette Browning noticed something was wrong when she spotted her daughter lying in the yard with one of the two family Rotweiler's nearby. Jesse called 911 and although paramedics tried to save her, she died on arrival to the hospital.



February 22, 2010 Oak, Florida - A three-year old girl was attacked and killed by her family's American Bulldog while playing in her yard. The girl's mother and the dog's owner, Lori Haaker had their four dogs tied to a tree while she was cleaning their cages. She went inside briefly, leaving the toddler with access to the dogs and it is believed one dog, Uno, was the one that killed her. The 911 call by Lori Haaker indicated the girl was already dead when she interrupted the attack.   



February 10, 2010 Terry, Mississippi - Anastasia Bingham was killed by a neighbor's pitt bull when she walked from her home to a nearby friend's home. 





January 11, 2010 Omar Martinez was killed by the family pitt bull when he was left alone outside with the dog briefly by his father.  The three-year old from Apple Valley could not be saved and officers shot and killed the dog at the family home on Grove Avenue. 


kids and dogs

 Two year old Liam Perk, from Cape Coral, Florida, was killed by the family dog, a weimeriner (pictured). The boy walked by the dog, the dog lunged and fatally bit him in the neck. December 22, 2009






dog attack

Dallas Walters, 20-months, was at his aunt's house attending a party when he dropped a cookie and her Rottweiler attacked and killed him when he tried to pick it up. The father and uncle were nearby and worked to pry the dog off the boy, but the wounds were severe and he died shortly thereafter. December 13, 2009





Dog attack


Four-year old John Massey was killed at his home when his uncle's Pitt Bull viciously attacked him at his grandmother's home. Police shot and killed the dog. His grandmother was injured trying to help him during the attack but he did not survive. November 30, 2009




November 5, 2009 Destiny Marie Knox, 16-months old from Union County, Mississippi, was killed by a Pitt Bull while under the care of her babysitter. The babysitter had taken Destiny to the home of her boyfriend, who owned five pitt bulls. Apparently while bringing in groceries, the pitt bull slipped his collar while chained and he immediately attacked and killed the toddler.  




Matthew "Booter"Hurt, 2 of Prescott, Arkansas wandered away from his babysitter's home and was attacked and killed by a neighbor's chained pitt bull, October 28, 2009 





kids and dogs



Colton Smith, 17-months old, was killed October 23, 2009 by a pitt bull at his babysitter's house.  





Jasime Deane, 2-years old, from Orange County, California, was killed September 28, 2009, by her family's pitt bull.  They had the dog for ten years.





A three-day old baby boy, from Rio, West Virginia, was taken from his crib while his mother was in the room just a few hours after being brought home from the hospital. The one-year old pitt bull attacked the baby by the head, shaking him violently, and causing a fatal injury, on August 14, 2009.  


A three-year old boy, Gabrial Mandrell-Sauehrage, from Johnson City, Illinois, was killed by the two family pitt bulls after crawling out a window on June 27, 2009.  






kids and dogs

 Eighteen-month old Tyson Miller, from Lulling, Texas was killed March 26, 2009 by a chained female pitt bull, his mother was watching for a friend. 






 Seven-month old Izaiah Cox, from San Antonio, Texas was killed by his grandmother's two pitt bulls on March 31, 2009. The dogs broke through a baby gate to get to Izaiah when the grandmother briefly left him alone. 





dog bite

 Three-year old Dustin Faulkner, from Jesup, Georgia was killed on March 22, 2009, by a neighbor's husky who broke free from his collar and chain when Dustin walked by his home and cried out after injuring his foot. The neighbor pulled his dog off the toddler and shot and killed him but the boy had received fatal injuries. 




dog attack

Three-week old Olivia Rozek, from Boubonnais, Illinois, was killed by the family's Siberian Husky after the dog grabbed and dragged her into a hallway by her head. Olivia was one of a set of twins and died January 19, 2009.  





kids and dogs

 Three-year old Brooklynn Milburn was killed by her neighbor's rottweiler on January 15, 2009 when she crawled through a hole into her neighbor's yard while her grandfather, who was supervising her, was cooking.  





Four-year old Alex Angulo was killed January 11, 2009 by the rottweiler owned by his foster family.  Alex was scheduled to be moved into a permanent adoptive home the same week he was killed. 


Five-year old Cheyenne Peppers was killed by her family's three pitt bulls on January 6, 2009. She was playing outside when one of the pitt bull's that was not chained attacked her followed by the other two, breaking free from their collars and chains and joining the attack.  

Not Killed, but mauled, an example:

Three-year old Shaylee was mauled on June 4th, by a pitt bull. She was in ICU for 8 days at Childrens Hospital in Dallas, Texas and is still recovering. She was missiing 80% of her scalp in the attack.

kids and dogs


kids and dogs








There were 23 fatal dog attacks in the United States in 2008. Pitt Bull type dogs accounted for 65% (15). 70% of the attacks were children. Examples below.

dog bite


July 22, 2008 Tony Evans, Jr. 3-years-old, from Jackson, Mississippi, was killed by a neighbor's pitt bull when he wandered within reach of the chained dog while playing with children in front of his home.




dog bite

July 25, 2008 - Addison Sonney from Milcreek, Pennsylvania, 1-year-old, was killed by her family's English Sheepdog mix. Her mother was injured trying to stop the attack. (see dog that attacked at right)





dog attack



August 14, 2008 Isis Krieger, 6-years-old, was attacked by the family pitt bull. She was attacked August 12, 2008 but her family kept her on life support until her father, who was serving in Iraq, could come home and see her one last time and say goodbye.




The World Report on Child Injury Prevention (6) reports the following external circumstances that lead to dog bites. 

1) Small children less than 5 or a baby, should never be left alone with a dog nor allowed to hug or kiss a dog. Dogs may regard a baby, especially new members of the family into which the dog already feels integrated as intruders or as subordinate.
2) Let a dog sniff your child's closed fist before allowing the child to pet it. Dogs sniff as a means of communication and identification.
3) Do not run away from a dog. Dogs like to chase moving objects and can outrun most people, especially children.
4) Do not let your child lie on the ground near a dog which sometimes provokes attack.
5) Do not let your child be close to a dog when it is eating.


Circumstance Percentage
Playing with or near the dog28
Passing by the dog (walking)14
Cuddling the dog10
Feeding the dog8
Passing by the dog (cycling)4
Disturbing the dog while eating4
Surprising the dog2
Pulling the dog's tail2
Interfering in a dog fight2


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