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Childproofing Checklist for Your Home and Yard 

Childproofing your home is one of the most important tasks for a new parent. We want to share our childproofing home safety checklist so you are aware and can prevent the most likely cause of injury or death of your baby or small child.We bring to the forefront of your mind, that your baby or small child or toddler could die or be irreparably damaged as a result of an accident. We also offer hard to find Childproofing Products so you can product your child from dangers with home safety products that protect your child. 

Imagine how you would feel if your child were to die or be permanently and seriously injured. Think how many times you would replay in your mind what you might have done differently to prevent such a tragedy... Children under 5 are VERY VULNERABLE. You can't trust them to avoid tragedy. In many cases you can't trust others either. YOU must protect them. It's the only solution. And, there are a lot of ways you can do just that! Alive Past 5 is here to help you keep your children safe, healthy and alive.

Listed below is a checklist of things for your review that will assist you in keeping you child or infant safe at all times. Think how much more comfortable you will be as a parent knowing you have left no stone uncovered when it comes to proactively preventing a horrible accident involving your infant or child. Babies, toddlers and small children are naturally curious and are constantly exploring. It is essential that you make your home environment as safe as possible for your baby or child so horrible accidents are prevented.  

Everything you need to childproof or babproof your home and keep your baby safe, including hard to find items - like for your fireplace, deck or balcony and more! Click the ad below.

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When childproofing your home, use the standard that if the person caring for your child fell asleep on the couch for two hours, and your child was roaming your home unattended, that your child would be safe and alive when you returned. 


1. Automobile       Review the information for your child on our page about car seats    

2. Buckets

3. Bathtub

4. Chemicals

5. Pool      Drowning prevention and pool preventions can be found on our drowning prevention page.

6. Toilet

7. Electrical chords

8. Dogs     Safety tips about children and dogs can be found on our dog bite prevention page.

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