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DUI Film "Graduation Day"

Graduation Day is a 30-minute reality film about teen drinking and driving.

In collaboration with the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, the Foundation produced a reality movie aimed at the teen market on the consequences of driving under the influence.


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Watch a short clip of the movie which is narrated by Dan Rather and features Lane Garrison.

The Foundation is a 501-C3 nonprofit corporation. Tax ID #04-3824484    The Foundation's plan to distribute this important video to all high schools in the US has been interrupted due to the major sponsor withdrawing due to budget cuts. This is a great video to buy and watch with your teen. We recommend you don't preface the video with  information to your teen for the best impact. Allow up to two weeks to receive the video.  The Troy and Alana Pack Foundation website is but you cannot order the video on the site. 



Please make your tax deductable $15 check payable to "Troy and Alana Pack Foundation" and mail to:

Troy and Alana Pack Foundation
9000 Crow Canyon Road
Suite 249
Danville, CA 94506


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