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CPR Training Can Save a Life!

It's a fact that if a horrible accident happens and your toddler or small child ends up unconscious in a pool, bucket, pond or any body of water, time is of the essence to prevent brain damage or death by drowning. CPR can make a difference when done in time and properly. It only takes a very short time for damage to occur, so waiting for help to arrive is not the best plan. Your baby or small child might suffer irreparable damage in the time it takes emergency personnel to arrive. Contact the American Red Cross or another professional, like your pediatrician, to find out where you can  learn CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. Make sure the class you take covers infant CPR and small children CPR since it is different from adult CPR. The hours you and other caregivers that supervise your child spend to learn CPR might very well be the difference between life and death for your baby or small child in an emergency. 


SHORT TWO-PART FILM ON INFANT CPR  - Did you know choking is the Number 1 Killer of Infants? This will explain how it works but don't substitute the films below for a CPR class.


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Child Safety

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