Child Safety

2010.02.26 20:47:46
Maggie Brown

A new baby fills parents with wonder, at their seemingly limitless potential. Parents yearn to do the best job possible caring for baby's physical and developmental needs. As they master the basics of feeding and caring for their child, their attention towards nurturing their child's intellectual and creative potential. It is well established that reading to your child, for example, helps build their vocabulary and verbal skills. Teaching colors, counting and teaching countless words including body parts, everyday items and words identifying activities, all play an important part in your child’s development.

Here are my Top Ten ideas for activities to help you nurture baby's equally important creativity-side.

1. Singing - putting words and melody together for simple songs like "jingle bells" or "row, row, row your boat"

2. Coloring - within an object on a piece of paper and on blank paper

3. Balance - standing on one foot and following a sequence of steps when they learn to walk.

4. Rhythmic - clapping, high five, pound it, patty cake

5. Dancing - simple rhythmic motions like swaying your head, hand movements, shimmy steps and sequences.

6. Sequencing - red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue (repeat)

7. Stickers - peel and stick

8. Tactile - soft/hard, hot/cold, smooth/rough,

9. Nursery rhymes with gestures like“itsy bitsy spider”

10. Stacking - variety of shapes and colors 

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