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New parents need a good source for baby safety information and baby safety best practices to prepare for their newborn infant and equip their nursery with baby safety in mind. When buying and using products for your baby check our product recall list for baby safety information. You can find baby safety tips and important current information about car seats on our Auto Safety page. A new baby brings both joy and a lot of responsibility. Listed below are some of the most important baby safety things to focus on to keep your precious newborn infant baby safe.

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Key Reminders to Protect and keep your Baby safe

If you can eliminate some of the top threats to the safety of your new baby, you will go along way towards reducing the possibility of a serious or fatal preventable accident.

1. Use a Baby Car Seat - rear facing for as long as possible

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2. Do Not Co-Sleep with your infant

3. Buy and use faithfully a movement monitor like Babysense V against SIDS

4. Prevent Falls when you or someone else carries your baby

5. Prevent Choking by offering food the size that COULD NOT be an obstruction

6. Prevent Water Related Accidents - recognize the danger and put layers of protection in place

7. Prevent an auto back over fatality by installing back up alert on your car

8. Prevent tip over accidents by securing TV's, lamps and other heavy items that could topple over and crush your child.


Holding Baby

*Protect your baby by ensuring anyone holding your new baby is supporting her head and neck.

*Avoid tripping while walking with your baby in your home by looking where you are walking and keep your floors clear from toys and clutter. Make sure you have the lights on when caring for and feeding your baby in the middle of the night. Accidents are more likely when you are fatigued.

*Never let young children walk while holding your baby. Young children should only be allowed to hold your baby while they are sitting.

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Feeding Baby

*If you are bottle-feeding make sure you use the proper nipple with the right flow for your baby. The nipples for baby bottles specifically indicate whether the milk flow is slow, medium or fast. An infant could choke on a fast flowing nipple. Keep your baby's head slightly elevated while feeding.

*As your baby grows and begins to put things in her mouth and begins teething, choking becomes a real concern. Even something like paper can ball up when combined with saliva and become an obstruction. Things on the floor like a dropped pill, paper clip, and a rubber band are real choking hazards for you to address. Learn CPR.

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Sleeping Baby

*Have your baby sleep on her back. Do not put additional blankets in the bassinette or crib. Instead put your baby in a full body sleeper to retain heat.

*Use the Babysense V movement monitor. It will alert you if your baby stops moving and can give you an early warning layer of protection against SIDS. The technology is here - use it! If your baby sleeps in another room, also have a sound monitor so you can listen for her to cry as she awakens.

*Do not use traditional crib bumpers, as baby's head could become stuck causing suffocation. On our product's page you can order the vertical bumpers, which are safer for your baby.

*Never let your baby sleep with you on a couch or in your bed to prevent accidental suffocation. Co-sleeping can be a fatal mistake. This happens more often than people think, as you can see by scrolling through our Tragic Headlines page.

Traveling with Baby

*Use a car seat that fits your baby. That means an infant seat for a new baby. Keep your baby in the center position of the rear seat, and rear-facing, for as long as possible.

*If you travel by air, bring and use your car seat. In the event of turbulence or a rough landing, your baby can become a projectile if not properly secured.

By practicing baby safety and utilizing baby safety products you can reduce the likelihood that your baby will suffer serious injury or death by a preventable accident. No parent ever thinks an accident will happen to their child! The time and effort you put into keeping your baby safe will be well worth it!

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