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If you could save the life of one child, would you do it? If you could save even just one family from the tragedy, despair and lifelong agony of loosing a child, would it be time well spent? Well, I've reflected, "What Can I Do?" while watching news stories of babies and toddler's drowning, while experiencing emotions that range from sadness to outrage. I've read almost daily about preventable accidents involving young children and watched family members suffer through loosing a baby to SIDS. Sadly, there has been a steady daily stream of fatal accidents involving children but a poor supply of safety information and a resource for parents directed specifically at preventing accidents. I have been berated for blogging about dead children but I persist in order to reach out and get the attention of the many loving parents out there, that never think this will happen to them. And then it does... My original plan was to make a video describing the dangers to babies and children primarily focused on preventing accidents around water, but the bid came in at $100,000, which was definitely outside of my budget.  

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This website brings together information on baby care and tips for parents from a variety of sources in order to be at your fingertips. It teaches child safety and baby safety aimed at building awareness and preventing accidents. I welcome your ideas and information you might have on child safety or preventing accidents that can be shared on this site. Don't hesitate to email me with baby care or small child or toddler safety information you'd like to share.


Prevent AccidentsAlive Past 5 was launched in January 2009 in Ahwatukee, Arizona. I am a new grandmother, having been blessed with a wonderful baby girl in July of 2008. She and I are pictured to the right. I have been working on ideas and gathering information on preventing accidents and child safety over the past year. I have felt strongly for a couple years now that I had to do something involving preventing accidents and help stop young children and babies from dying needlessly. This is my calling. I wanted to create a baby care and child safety non-profit organization but establishing a non-profit was expensive, time consuming and difficult, so I gave up. Thanks to all readers for taking the time to visit Alive Past 5 and for caring enough to want to learn more about preventing accidents and child protection and safety. 

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