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Child safety and baby safety essentials for parents. Our child safety tips include baby safety and toddler safety tips and were developed through extensive child safety research into preventable baby and child accidental fatalites. Although there are no fool proof child safety tips for baby safety that protect from every possible danger, loving parents want to feel they have done "everything they can" to protect and keep their baby or small child safe. Parents never regret time and effort put into baby safety or child safety efforts, but are filled with despair when they fail to protect them. 

We review child accidents daily identifying the root cause to create proactive safety tips on baby safety that parents can use. Although it's scary for parents to think about their child being seriously injured or worse, the good news is there are simple "best practices" parents can implement now, to keep their baby or child safe. We stress baby safety at home and away and suggest child safety products for added layers of protection so their precious infant, baby or young child makes it to kindergarten!

baby safetyYou consider yourself an attentive parent, very conscientious about baby safety and the care of your baby or small child, right? Well there are lots of parents like you, and then came that day still, when a horrific accident changed their lives forever. An accident can happen in just seconds. Did you know that the most likely threat to your child is an accident involving an automobile? Buying a car seat and using it is not enough. Learn child safety automobile "best practices" to protect your baby on our auto safety page.

Based in Arizona we are often reminded how fast the life of a tiny baby, child or toddler can be lost to drowning. Scroll through recent incidents on our Tragic Headlines page and you'll be convinced these are not rare freak accidents. Review our baby safety and child safety product recommendations which support your childproofing efforts. Losing a baby is an indescribable lifelong heartache for any parent and their family. Constant supervision plus adding layers of protection is our mantra. Take time now to put baby safety or child safety practices in place and add layers of protection to your baby safety plan, to protect your baby or small child from tragedy. 


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Let us bring you important baby safety information. You'll receive current child safety parenting tips, new child safety product finds, new found dangers, product recalls and alerts, baby safety tips and more! Join Now at the top right of this page in two quick and easy steps. It takes just one accident to lose the precious smile of your baby forever. Those tiny adorable feet and hands won't grow to adult size without their parents providing diligent protection. A baby or young child needs more than love - they need vigilant parents fully engaged in protecting them and armed with good baby safety information to prevent accidents!

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What's a Parent to Do? Children under 5 are VERY VULNERABLE to serious accidents. A parent cannot trust them to avoid tragedy. Parents must protect their baby or small child through child safety and baby safety practices and include products that offer layers of protection, "just in case". It's the only solution. Let us keep you informed about child safety and baby safety. If you are a pregnant women or new parent, let us help you protect your precious baby or infant from a tragedy.

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Baby safety is Job 1 for every new parent. Pregnant women, and parents of a newborn baby are inundated with safety tips and safety products about caring for their baby. Most hospitals offer safety tips or a training class for pregnant women that teaches the basics of feeding their baby, baby care, diaper changing, burping baby and more. As a pregnant women or new parent, keep a special focus on baby safety both before and after you bring your new baby home. 

Baby Safety

Baby SafetyDid you know there is a baby movement monitor on the market that will alert you if your baby stops breathing or moving? We recommend a baby movement monitor and a new car seat as the top two items you should buy before you bring your baby home. Learn about some of the biggest threats to your newborn baby on our Baby Safety page. No one ever expects tragedy to strike, so take steps now to keep your precious newborn baby safe. Our baby safety parenting tips will help!

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